Quantum-Touch® Workshops

Ashina is a Certified Quantum-Touch Level 1 Instructor.

Quantum-Touch is a method of natural healing that works with the Life Force Energy of the body to promote optimal wellness. Life Force Energy, also known as ‘chi’ in Chinese and ‘prana’ in Sanskrit, is the flow of energy that sustains all living beings.

Quantum-Touch teaches us how to focus, amplify, and direct this energy, for a wide range of benefits with surprising and often extraordinary results.

Quantum-Touch is an effective method for reducing back pain, realigning structure, balancing organs, glands and systems, reducing muscle aches, healing injuries, healing burns and so much more. Quantum-Touch accelerates the healing of ANY condition!

Quantum-Touch is easy enough to be learned by children, yet powerful enough to astound physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, and a host of health professionals.

One of the real joys of this work is that we truly don’t know the limits of what is possible. Your love has tremendous impact to benefit those around you.

Upcoming workshops:

Date: Sept 7 & 8, 2019

Time: 10 am – 6:30 pm

Location: Terra Linda, San Rafael

Pre-registration rate: 
400.00 USD
Full registration rate: 
480.00 USD
Note: For Pre-Registered Pricing, please register 21 or more calendar days before the workshop – by August 17.
To register call or email:

About the Quantum-Touch Level 1 Workshop

Quantum-Touch Level 1 Workshops offers everyone an important building block to learning the entire Quantum-Touch system. Whether you simply want to learn how to heal yourself and care for your friends and family, or if you work as a health care professional wishing to expand your skills, Level 1 Workshops will teach you a wealth of Quantum-Touch techniques.

By taking a Quantum-Touch Level 1 Workshop, you will be on your way to becoming a QT Practitioner, you can earn approved CE hours and you will learn how to transform life-force energy into a lifetime of healing.

For more info please visit the Quantum-Touch website: 



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