Energy Medicine Sessions

Ashina will embrace you in her powerful, loving presence and gentle touch.  Experience letting go into the fullness of your being, where vibrant health, wholeness, clarity and joy are your birthright.rsz_5
Clients come to Ashina for:
  • Release of chronic stress, anxiety & depression
  • Relief from acute and chronic pain
  • Structural re-alignment
  • Immune restoration
  • Emotional and mental transformation
  • Accelerated healing and improvement for a variety of physical ailments including: Alzheimer’s, cancer management, digestive issues, sleep disorders, post-surgery recovery, chemical sensitivities and more

Ashina has recently moved to the Bay Area after living and having an energy medicine practice for more than 20 years on Kauai, Hawaii. She has also lived on four continents and traveled extensively to many countries. This has enhanced her deep love of the earth and our global family and given her a clear insight into the great heart of healing. 

Ashina is a powerful channel for universal life force energy. Her sessions for this dynamic Energy Medicine are performed in person or remotely. Ashina cares deeply for the well-being and healing of each of her clients and fully immerses herself in this process.

Ashina has studied with a Taoist Master in Amsterdam and is a Practitioner of Quantum-Touch and Emergence Care. She combines her knowledge in these modalities in order to bring the best results to each person. Her sessions are effective, dynamic and powerful.

Expect to experience an immediate sense of peace, a warm and caring energy that will begin to move through your body and release the areas of stuckness and pain.

Her clients have reported feeling a sense of bliss, deep relaxation and well-being, hope and joy, sometimes for the first time in years. This is the life force energy beginning to move through the body to restore and heal.

Additionally, this energy continues well after the session is over, healing and transforming the body and all aspects of life.


“Ashina’s remote healing really does work. Although I was open, I was honestly skeptical going into it. I had a lingering kink in my neck that would hurt most in the mornings. The session was relaxing and nurturing, and sure enough the pain was gone the next day.

Her manner is kind and gentle, yet powerful. I also very much appreciate her natural, approachable demeanor. And was pleasantly surprised by her psychic abilities. Highly recommend!”

Angelei S. Santa Cruz, CA


“Ashina is an incredibly talented healer. I have seen Ashina for severe migraines as well as neck and head pains as I have suffered from multiple concussions in my past. When I am in Ashina’s presence, I always feel very well taken care of. She really listens to what is bothering me and where. She asks all the right questions to really understand what it is that my body needs to recuperate. I am grateful to have sessions with Ashina, as nothing else has seemed to have helped my pains. I would recommend Ashina 1000%!!! She is truly gifted.”

Adriana F. San Francisco, CA


“It’s a miracle! I was in pain with sciatica. I’m 60 and the other women I knew that were my age had taken months of physical therapy to have relief. I did one remote session and it was gone!

Then I had an in person session with Ashina when I was in quite a bit of pain from having twisted my foot. The pain was totally gone by the end of the session.

One of my first sessions with Ashina, was when I was having trouble getting rid of a bladder infection. Not only did it heal instantaneously, I felt so nurtured as well. She’s the greatest!”

DJ S. Kauai, HI


“Great Heart Healing says it all!
I have been seeing Ashina for the last couple of years and every time I go see her I am blown away by her work. I went in yesterday for I had a fall about a month ago. I have been having pain in my wrist and scar tissue that was taking a long time to heal in my lip. In one session, my wrist pain decreased and the scar tissue improved by 30-40%. Wow! That is incredible! Thank you, Ashina for your healing, love, and care. To all those that are seeking deep healing, I highly recommend Ashina. She is one of the best! Thank you, Ashina! :)”

Alia C. San Francisco, CA


“Sessions from Ashina always leave me lighter and more joyous. I have been a regular client of hers for over three years. It never ceases to impress me how wonderful the experience is both during and afterwards. Her ability to be present, silent and hold space with love is such a gift. I am very particular about who gives me sessions. Consistently I find her energy clean and grounded. My gratitude is huge for all the ways I have healed and grown since I began receiving from her. Thank you, Ashina!”

KJL. Kauai, HI

Certified Quantum-Touch® Practitioner & Level 1 Instructor
Certified Emergence Care Practitioner   


Great Heart Healing
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