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About Ashina

Ashina is a powerful channel for universal life force energy. She cares deeply for the well-being and healing of each of her clients and fully immerses herself in this process. Ashina has gained a clear insight into the great heart of healing as well as a profound love of the earth and our global family through her extensive travel and her experience living on four continents.

Ashina is currently located in the Bay Area and has practiced Energy Medicine for more than 20 years on Kauai, Hawaii. Her sessions for this dynamic Energy Medicine are performed in person or remotely.


Ashina's Approach

Ashina has studied with a Taoist Master in Amsterdam and is a Practitioner of Quantum-Touch and Emergence Care. The most effective, dynamic, and powerful results are achieved by combining her knowledge in these modalities. 

In addition to an immediate sense of peace, you can expect to experience a warm and caring energy that will begin to move through your body and release the areas of stuckness or pain. This is the life force energy beginning to move through the body to restore and heal. This energy continues well after the session is over, healing and transforming the body and all aspects of life.

Ashina’s clients have reported feeling a sense of bliss, well-being, deep relaxation, hope, and joy. Sometimes for the first time in years.

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