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“Ashina’s remote healing really does work. Although I was open, I was honestly skeptical going into it. I had a lingering kink in my neck that would hurt most in the mornings. The session was relaxing and nurturing, and sure enough the pain was gone the next day. Her manner is kind and gentle, yet powerful. I also very much appreciate her natural, approachable demeanor. And was pleasantly surprised by her psychic abilities. Highly recommend!”

- Angelei S. Santa Cruz, CA

"My experience with Ashina felt like a miracle.  I had a fractured ankle for which there is not a lot of help except to wear a boot. It was painful and difficult to walk. Ashina gave me a treatment, during which I could feel movement in my ankle as though it was weaving itself back together. My ankle felt back to normal with one visit!  Thank you!!”


- Kareema F. Petaluma, CA


“It’s a miracle! I was in pain with sciatica. I’m 60 and the other women I knew that were my age had taken months of physical therapy to have relief. I did one remote session and it was gone! Then I had an in person session with Ashina when I was in quite a bit of pain from having twisted my foot. The pain was totally gone by the end of the session. One of my first sessions with Ashina, was when I was having trouble getting rid of a bladder infection. Not only did it heal instantaneously, I felt so nurtured as well. She’s the greatest!”


- DJ S. Kauai, HI

“Ashina is an incredibly talented healer. I have seen Ashina for severe migraines as well as neck and head pains as I have suffered from multiple concussions in my past. When I am in Ashina’s presence, I always feel very well taken care of. She really listens to what is bothering me and where. She asks all the right questions to really understand what it is that my body needs to recuperate. I am grateful to have sessions with Ashina, as nothing else has seemed to have helped my pains. I would recommend Ashina 1000%!!! She is truly gifted.”

Adriana F. San Francisco, CA

“Great Heart Healing says it all! I have been seeing Ashina for the last couple of years and every time I go see her I am blown away by her work. I went in yesterday for I had a fall about a month ago. I have been having pain in my wrist and scar tissue that was taking a long time to heal in my lip. In one session, my wrist pain decreased and the scar tissue improved by 30-40%. Wow! That is incredible! Thank you, Ashina for your healing, love, and care. To all those that are seeking deep healing, I highly recommend Ashina. She is one of the best! Thank you, Ashina! :)”

- Alia C. San Francisco, CA

“Just being in Ashina’s presence is soothing. Ashina treated me for sciatica. The two days prior I had such intense nerve pain in one leg that it took me over an hour of careful movement before I could walk upright and go to work. The morning after my treatment at Great Heart Healing – and ever since – I awoke pain free. What a blessing!”

- Peggy W. Cotati, CA


“Sessions from Ashina always leave me lighter and more joyous. I have been a regular client of hers for over three years. It never ceases to impress me how wonderful the experience is both during and afterwards. Her ability to be present, silent and hold space with love is such a gift. I am very particular about who gives me sessions. Consistently I find her energy clean and grounded. My gratitude is huge for all the ways I have healed and grown since I began receiving from her. Thank you, Ashina!”


- KJL. Kauai, HI

“Ashina is a masterful Energy Healing Practitioner. My sessions with her are profound. During the sessions I actually feel the energy passing through her hands into my body, helping me to release tension, strain and pain. She is very professional, attentive, communicative and always checks in with me before and after the session, which gives me a sense of safety and alignment. During the session, she quietly brings her energy to the areas that need attention. I am completely relaxed, tranquil and trust the process. At the end of the session, she will offer me insight that helps me to continue the practice of release on my own. I leave my sessions feeling relieved of pain, nurtured and cared for with a sense of inner calm. At the end of each session, she reminds me that the energy will stay with me for days to follow. That’s how powerful a healer she is! I definitely would recommend Ashina and her Great Heart Healing Practice to everyone!” 


- Caylia C. Mill Valley, CA

“I am a pragmatist, with a 50 year background in health care administration. So when I was referred to Ashina, I identified my boundaries: no touching, no taking off my clothes, with a dash of disbelief thrown in. Now? I am a total believer in her healing powers and have had the most amazing recovery from at least 3 major medical crises. I’ll start with the most dramatic (and recent) when I learned that a bladder tumor of a year ago had resurfaced. Surgery was my only option and I wasn’t thrilled at the prospect. My urologist identified the dimensions of the tumor, adding that it was smaller than the last one. I postponed the surgery for about a month to give me time to prepare and to arrange for after care. Part of my preparation included sessions with Ashina, who told me we should concentrate on eliminating the tumor. That, I told her, was beyond my belief system, but then said, why not? Do your best. Last Thursday, I went into the operating room, expecting to be there for some hours and return home miserable. I woke up a little over 2 hours later in recovery and the surgeon told me I would go home in less than an hour, and that “SHE COULDN’T FIND THE TUMOR!”. I thought I was dreaming this, went home, cooked dinner for my friend who came to care for me and went to bed pain free. Next morning, when I had my telephone appt with my surgeon, I asked her if it was true that she couldn’t find the tumor that had been identified on cystoscopy. She confirmed that she couldn’t find it and finally just stopped looking. I took a deep breath and told her about my experiences with Ashina, thinking she would probably hang up. “I really believe that is what happened” she said. Hooray! Double Hooray! I described how she had removed all pain when I fractured a rib, and removed the pain from my incredibly painful wrists after having taken anticancer drugs with serious side effects. So, people out there, if you read this, believe me when I tell you I am immensely grateful and impressed with Ashina’s marvelous healing powers. It is my privilege to be her client.”


- Arlene S. Novato, CA

“I came to Ashina with digestion issues and general energetic feelings of “stuckness” that had been persisting for a few months. I was trying all sorts of supplements, vitamins, drinks, high fiber foods, etc. with no avail. I experienced a profound and very visceral shift in both my physical and energetic body after one session with Ashina and am feeling considerably better. She is a powerful healer and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for support on any level – energetic, emotional, physical, spiritual,
etc. Thank you, Ashina!”


- Julieann C. San Francisco

“Ashina is a powerful and gentle healer!  During my session with her, I felt my energy body enveloped in a strong, potent and nurturing energy and I could feel the healing process happening. She is very attentive, compassionate and loving, and her depth of care comes through very clearly throughout the session.  

Among other things, Ashina described the state of my chakras, which was fascinating to hear and resonated with my own sense of their overall health.

We did a remote session, yet the healing energy and effects were just as potent. I highly recommend Ashina - I will definitely continue to work with her to help me balance my energetic system, as well as improve my emotional and physical health!  Thank you so much, Ashina!”


- Shirley L. Oakland, CA

“Ashina is an amazing healer and person. I had a terrible headache and stomach pain and within a few minutes of her magical healing abilities my pain had significantly reduced. It was miraculous. Ashina is compassionate and very loving, I would HIGHLY recommend her.”


- Carine C. Los Angeles, CA

"I’ve had the delight of several Energy Medicine sessions with Ashina, and what a blessing – relaxing, releasing, calming, and SO soothing!  I love the nurturing feeling of the energy during the session, and it seems to open up a space for ongoing healing afterwards. I also often get insights and awareness into deeper levels of what is going on within me, both physically and emotionally.

Ashina is wonderfully welcoming and supportive, and genuinely caring about my well-being. Her warm and sincere demeanor always makes me feel able to trust and fully relax and let go… very healing. I highly recommend her!”


- Cat W. Bay Area 

“Ashina is a wonderfully kind and gentle person with a most amazing gift of healing. Her love, softness and openness supports a deep trust. There is an ease in whatever is freed. Later over the next couple days, there are other subtle releasings in the body which are gentle and fascinating.”


- Susan R. Novato, C

“Ashina has helped me in so many ways. In terms of physical health she has given me great relief from ongoing back and digestive issues that I have dealt with for years. Just as importantly, Ashina’s energy work supports my spiritual practice and my sessions with her always bring me to a place of peace and clarity.
I recommend her most highly and without reservation.”


- Patty S. San Rafael, CA

"One of my first sessions with Ashina, was when I was having trouble getting rid of a bladder infection. Not only did it heal instantaneously, I felt so nurtured as well. She’s the greatest!”

- DJ S. Kauai, HI

"Since I have been taking a chemo pill, I have constant acid reflux. When I went to see Ashina for a session recently, I was experiencing an extreme episode of it. After a few minutes into the session, it was gone! I was so amazed and astonished! The best part is that when I have acid reflux now, it no longer lasts as long or is as painful as before my session, it is very manageable. I am going to begin weekly sessions soon and look forward to it being permanently gone!"

- Kathleen G, St. Francis, MN

"I have been good friends with the amazing Ashina Sunshina for years now and I have always known her to be a fantastically beautiful healer. I have just started going to her for healing due to a recent injury and the love and devotion she puts into her work is above and beyond. I feel so cared for when I am with her and her work always has a lasting effect and I am truly blessed to know her as a healer and friend."


- Channing G. Berkeley, CA

"As I open to receive the healing from Ashina, I am moved by the waves of well-being I feel--every single time."


- Betty L. San Rafael, CA

Had my first session-- it was my first time experiencing a healing like this & I have to say that it was unbelievably helpful for healing the anxiety that had suddenly come up for me. It really helped my heart & chest areas open back up."

- S K Oakland, CA


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